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    • Tulathromycin


    Tulathromycin is a newly listed macrolides semisynthetic antibiotic for animals,It is mainly used For the prevention and treatment of bovine or swine respiratorydisease caused by actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, mycoplasma, pasteurella, etc.. Its efficacy is better than that of the widely used macrolides antibiotic suchas tylosin and tilmicosin, and it has long half-life and little side-effects.



    Chemical Structural


    Structural formula: C41H79N3O12    

    Molecular weight: 805.57

    Description: White or almost white powder

    Dosage: 2.5mg/kg (0.1g/40kg single point intramuscular injection. For the pigs with the weight more than 80kg, according to the dose of multi-point injection, the injection dose for each injection point is not more than 0.2g.

    Standard: China imported veterinary drug standard

    Package: 1kg/bag,10kg/drum,25kg/drum

    Store: In cool and dry place,avoid light

    Expiry day : Two years

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