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    • Appearance

     Sodium Oxolinate

    【Properties】white or off-white crystalline powder

    【Adaptive】aquaculture drug for sarcoidosis, Furunculosis of Fish, bacterial septicemia, Bacterial enteritis, intestine septicaemia, red fin disease, red spot disease, vibriosis and infections caused by bacterium.


    ①taken orally, Furunculosis, vibriosis, infections caused by bacterium., red fin disease: in one day, 5~20mg/kg weight , 2 times for 5~7d; sarcoidosis, in one day, 10~30mg/kg weight , 2 times for 5~7d; red spot disease, in one day, 1~5mg/kg weight , 2 times for 3~5d.

    ②Immersed, concentration is 3~5mg/L, 2~4h/time, 1 time a day for 2~3 times.

    【Withdrawal period】amberfish 2d, brown trout 5d, smelt 3d, carp 4d, eel 18d.


    【Storage】Sealed, in dry and dark place

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